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Grow Business On Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

We all know them. The Facebook friends who relentlessly try to sell their products or services…on their personal page. Some of the worst offenders are seemingly “Network Marketers”, aka MLMers (you know who you are). And before you get angry and send me a nasty email or message, please – just hear me out. I’m not anti-MLM. In fact, I’ve been involved with numerous MLM products over the years (Pre-paid Legal/Legal Shield, NSA/Water Filters, Stream Energy, FundAmerica, etc) and regularly receive invites to “opportunity meetings”. The goal of this writing is to EDUCATE and provide proven strategies to GROW your business — or ANY business.

Facebook Business Pages were created specifically for business use, but the same protocols apply to major brands or independent product distributors. Persons using their personal pages for primarily business use are violating Facebook policy. But if you follow a few simple rules, you can promote yourself to friends and develop a great audience for your business page. And when they’re ready to buy or recommend, you’ll be top-of-mind.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself, your business or your products on Facebook. In fact, it’s my top recommendation for most of my clients because there’s no other platform that offers more bang for the buck than Facebook Ads. And yes, I promote FTG Media on Facebook. But, as with all things, there’s a right way and wrong way to promote on Facebook. A few of my friends use Facebook the RIGHT way when promoting their entertainment, real estate, insurance and mortgage endeavors, and here’s how they do it (on their personal AND business pages).

The RIGHT Way 

– Regularly use Facebook as Zuckerberg intended — sharing, liking, posting — engaging

– Post status updates that people find useful or interesting, that is UNRELATED to their business

– Share something about their business ONCE for every 10 posts (approximately)

– Share interesting content that people find useful and relates to their business

EXAMPLE: Real Estate Agent

Post: “If you’re thinking about selling, check out these Open House Do’s and Don’ts” or “Top question this week: Should we buy a new or existing home?”

Always attach a link to content that matches your post, and use a variety of sources, including your website or blog.

Using Facebook the right way exponentially increases your reach. When people like, share or comment on your post, it shows up in THEIR feed, revealing your content to all of their friends, so on & so on. But if you’ve annoyed your friends enough to where they’ve hidden you, or worse – UNFRIENDed you, you’re reaching no one. Here’s how a few of my friends are promoting on Facebook the WRONG way.


– Seldom or rarely post, like, share or engage on Facebook — until they start a business or join an MLM product or service

– Post almost exclusively about their business

– Go silent for days, then post 10 status updates relating to their business

– Share something useful or interesting ONCE for every 10 posts about their business (approximately)

– Never share any useful or interesting content that relates to their business (besides, you guessed it, THEIR BUSINESS)

EXAMPLE: Health & Wellness product distributor (We’re about helping folks, not beating them down, so here’s what they could share.)

Post: “Here’s a great article on how to lower your  cholesterol blood pressure” or “I never realized what that extra 20 pounds was doing to my body”

Again, provide reputable links across many sources, including your website or blog.

And if your sponsor tells you otherwise and demands you annoy your friends with excessive posts about your product, THEY’RE WRONG.

If you’ve noticed, the given post examples aren’t fancy and don’t use big words. Avoid selling terminology, and use words just as you would if you were talking to someone directly — being consistent with your personality is crucial.

Here are a few Facebook Business Pages that do a good job of providing useful & interesting content, while promoting themselves and maintaining integrity.

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