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I have worked with JD on a number of web development projects over the past 4 years year and found him to be very focused and tactical when it comes to understanding and meeting client’s specific requirements. The projects have been web development and marketing-oriented in nature. When it comes to web site development, JD, in my experience, is very unique compared to others in his field. He brings an extensive level of enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge to his clients, with a well-established process to ensure the end product fully meets a client’s expectations … all provided with a high level of intensity and commitment to meet delivery expectations. I would recommend JD to any client seeking web development and marketing strategy solutions.

I have worked with JD for over 9 years. He has a vast set of skills in the areas of franchise development, marketing, social media marketing, and business development. His ability to define strategic goals and then ascertain effective methodologies to meet the targets is an extremely valuable quality that has served him well in his business ventures.

JD was a consultant for us at MVPindex on some very detailed market research and product planning in the political and entertainment verticals. His attention to detail, ability to get to the right people and findings were instrumental in helping us move our business forward.

JD has an excellent eye for opportunity and is willing to go the extra mile to see that all involved are successful. JD’s vision and ability to see the end result set him apart from many in the business world.

JD Sanders brings a wealth of enthusiasm and innovation into the area of high school sports marketing. We have chosen VYPE as an advertising partner due to JD’s ongoing commitment to growth, creative opportunities and eagerness to present a partnership for our clients. I recommend giving him a few minutes to share the success of VYPE.

Though my work with JD primarily was centered on sports publications, I did have the opportunity to see first hand much of JD’s work in media, public relations, events and other areas. JD is both personable and analytical…a unique combination. He is a talented strategist with great visionary attributes. These strengths have led him to success with FTG in movie making, publication and web presence. He continues to drive new ventures to success. Certainly a worthy partner in any venture.

JD is a great communicator and is willing to do what it takes to give his clients the best value for their dollar. Working with JD has been a real pleasure and you can be assured JD will do what he promises plus some.

JD Sanders helped our startup company to include branding, social media, television advertising, communication skills and website design. We could not have been successful with our roll out and continued marketing without JD’s expertise. JD pairs thinking outside the box along with marketing proven techniques to place his expertise way above other companies I have engaged during my career. JD takes your ideas from coal and turns them into diamonds. I am very proud to say that I have been fortunate to work with and be associated with such a great professional in the Media world.

We recruited JD just as social media and technology advancements were changing the way consumers and companies think about marketing. Knowing JD for many years, I knew he was charismatic, innovative and a hard working leader. LoneOak was growing a broad portfolio and needed someone with a broad skill-set across many sectors. JD filled that need by offering fresh perspectives to existing holdings, and bringing new ideas and opportunities to grow and diversify our portfolio. JD is a trustworthy, creative problem-solver, comfortable in the boardroom or manufacturing floor, quick and eager to learn from others.

JD is a highly creative, energetic and knowledgeable marketing strategist. He works in several media from print to social media. He understands the strengths of each and how to maximize a marketing budget across multiple media outlets.

JD is a focused driven professional who wants to succeed but not at all costs.
I’ve seen his leadership firsthand and appreciate his desire to it do the right way.

JD is great! He was able to understand where my business is and where I would like to see it go. In just one meeting he gave me the information and direction needed to significantly increase my website traffic and my Google ranking. With both short-term and long-term goals, JD gave me a vision and the knowledge to see that vision realized. JD is a great person with whom to work and I highly value his input and insight in business marketing and business growth.

JD is a valuable resource to any team. He is always bringing new ideas to the table and networking relationships to get his clients the best value for their purchase. JD has jump started our marketing outreach for our physicians in the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth Area and continues to use his expertise to benefit his clients.

I knew from our first conversation that JD was very creative, willing to begin building a business relationship and learning more about my business. He has tremendous follow-through and is a man of his word. He went above and beyond to help with our promotion and I would recommend doing business with JD to help build your brand and brand relationships.

JD’s creativity and branding skills are exceptional. He does a great job of matching clients with the perfect venue or special event and his social media skills are cutting edge.