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We’re critical thinkers and problem solvers.

We help our clients achieve goals by creating innovative solutions and deploying strategies that align marketing goals with the information needs of target audiences. Working directly with stakeholders, our ‘strike team’ moves quickly to achieve clearly defined goals.

Within budget. On time. Every time.

Websites, SEO, & Hosting

Need website awesomeness with captivating online profiles to catch customers’ attention? Yes, we can do that.

Branding & Rebranding

We can help you custom create your brand. Or if your business already exists, we can assist with re-banding to revamp your image.

Visual Identity

We make beautiful things – and consistent visual identity that’s appropriate, strong and compelling to effectively illustrate your brand to target audiences.

Communication, Content & Creative

Whether editing existing content or creating high-quality content that engages, we tell your story across all media. People share that kind of stuff.

Social Media

Get your business out there, with our help. We’ll build a top-notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed.

Project Consulting

Our entrepreneurial-mindset and fresh perspective help increase efficiency and grow your business with our strategic planning and blueprints for success.


We’re easy to work with and hard to beat. Full-service or project, our senior level teams work with each client to create a unique voice, integrated strategy and custom media that engages audiences and converts them into customers. During the 2009 economic meltdown, our unique understanding of the challenges both small businesses and brands alike faced, was instrumental in helping our clients not only survive, but thrive by identifying the least expensive, most cost-effective marketing strategies to keep and grow business. GrooveTango resourcefully ensures your businesses is APPEARING — not DISAPPEARING.   

Key Players
JD Sanders | Strategy | Alter Ego - Musician

JD Sanders | Strategy | Alter Ego - Musician

Our founder marches to the beat of his own drum – literally. His business passion is finding a need and filling it. As a musician, he’s also passionate about laying down the right groove for any gig – finding a need, and filling it.  A Cherokee Nation citizen, JD earned his Bachelors of Marketing at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma through a music scholarship, part-time jobs and touring as a professional musician and bandleader.

Consulting corporate clients, entrepreneurs, and investors began after being recruited from successful corporate gigs where his creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills were in high demand. He’s advised clients on content, growth, and marketing strategies across diverse sectors including construction, entertainment, franchising, hospitality, manufacturing, media/publishing, professional services, real estate, startups, and technology.

He launched GrooveTango in January 2016 to provide outstanding content to small and medium-sized businesses without expensive advertising and marketing agency prices.

Krystal Neuhofel|Creative|Alter Ego - Painter

Krystal Neuhofel|Creative|Alter Ego - Painter

Krystal is our go-to designer. Her creative ideas and skill-set have garnered national awards while establishing brand and style guidelines that strengthen brand awareness and consistency and generated innovative collateral materials that reach millions of viewers weekly.

With a BA in Visual Communication and multiple web design, graphic design, and development certifications, there really isn’t anything she can’t create.

Krystal has worked with JD since 2007 on projects from sports magazine publishing, advertising, branding, and creative direction for numerous clients.

David Kravetz|Web OPS|Alter Ego - Traveler

David Kravetz|Web OPS|Alter Ego - Traveler

David (aka Sumoflam) navigates the normal, the wacky, the wonderful and the quirky things of this wide world – including web design, customer support, online broadcasting. He hasn’t any spare time but still follows his passion as a travelographer, photojournalist, and successful blogger.

Sumoflam, as he is known to thousands of friends throughout the United States and across the globe, has a passion for traveling, especially on the back roads of America. Residing in Japan for six years, he’s fluent in Japanese and has held interpreter/translator posts for corporations and world leaders including Sir Geoffrey Howe, (British Foreign Minister for Margaret Thatcher) and Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci.  He also had his own local TV shows in Japan and was featured in dozens of media articles in Japan.

David has worked for Japanese owned corporations and American corporations that required his deep knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

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