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What Your Friends Know About Branding

Nothing. Nothing at all. Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to have a branding expert as a friend. Everyone has opinions and most love to share their thoughts. A friend recently shared new logos on social media that were being considered for his existing business. Aside from a few decent observations, most of the comments…

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Google: Have You Heard Of It?

Originally published in VYPE Magazine’s Dallas-Fort Worth edition, the following information has insight across most businesses, discusses human nature, technology, media, high school sports and why I decided to take the gloves off. Are You Guys Legit? VYPE’s President and Publisher Takes the Gloves Off…sort of “It’s the lack of basic critical thinking skills that…

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Why Doctors, Lawyers And Accountants Need Social Media

Most physician groups and large firms do. Independent and small operators? Not so much. In 2008, we advised three of the largest hospital groups in Dallas-Fort Worth, Baylor Health Care System, Texas Health Resources and Children's Medical Center to embrace Facebook and exponentially leverage their expertise. Fearing negative engagement in an open forum environment, while tending to…

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